Who is this fellow?

ZerianEvolution was a Ex-Stage 3. He left after 4 months of being Stage 3 thinking he would never move on to the next rank.

He had lots of friends back then, but after he left, he lost many.

Today , in present , Zerian has rejoined and willing to accomplish his wish. To get into the Empire.

Zerian's Characteristics and Personality.

Zerian isn't that bright. He also has troubles being mature, he likes to joke around mostly and gets himself into trouble a lot.

Zerian can be really hard to deal with. But he tries to be very funny and friendly to his comrades.

There are some Pro's from Zerian :

He can follow orders , not perfectly but does his job.

He is a skilled gun-fighter. (depends, this is really a opinion)

He can be a leader. (Not a good one but for sure can lead.)

His ROBLOX group experiences and encounters.

Zerian had started off his clan experience with the rebellious John's Cobras. He didn't realize how much kills he gets during raids cause he was really young back then. While he was in John's Cobras , he had reached the rank of Major. During Major, he was in ; JCSO , Emperor's Chosen , and the JC Airforce.

After he left John's Cobras. He went to learn more skills at Myth Reserved Forces. That is when he learned how to gunfight , sword fight ,and dodge.

He would've stayed longer but he was exiled for immaturity.

After his days at Myth, he joined groups like :

SC , Project Bexus , RAT , TRA , WIJ , many more to list.

Zerian also joined the Vaktovian Army Corps, then it was changed to the Ascension core.