Zakaevz Current Look.

Zakaevz, (Vaktovian name Zakaevz Zalvaak Symaen), was a Vaktovian Sergeant and a member of the Symaen family. He is well known for winning the Vaktovian winter games. He is the apprentice of xXxRaPPeRoxXx.  Zakaevz left the Empire for a short time and was asked by Supreme General Dologan to stay in while he resolved his real life issues.

He was also a competitor in the Summer Games, fighting alongside his mentor, Colonel Sindorr Symaen.


Zakaevz is known to be a specially skilled hunter and is lethal under combat deliberations. He was remarked as a champion of the Winter Games and the last of the Blade-masters in Vaktovia's Commando Regiment


Zakaevz was said to hatch from a fiery egg of hatred and hellfire; where he will engulf his enemies with his rage and potential-- he hatched into a terrifying sentient organism which was predominated a demigod for his appearance as a hellish creature and combat expertise.