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xXxRaPPeRoxXx is a former Senior Colonel of the Vaktovian Empire, and a VAC Officer. He was incorporated in the Vaktovian High command, participating in groups of such magnitude. His name was "Sindorr Ignacious Symaen Kharnerus"-- Symaen being his main family. He is addressed formally as Count Symaen and Sir Sindorr. He was the RHM of Supreme General Dologan, he was also the second-in-command of the Symaen Family and one of the original founding brothers of the family; VorVelm and himself.  Sindorr is considered an excellent builder by mostly everyone who has witnessed his projects.  He was a member of the Obsidian Order.

xXxRaPPeRoxXx has since retired from the Vaktovian Empire and resides in the retired Vaktovians rank.


xXxRaPPeRoxXx is biological father to Oppius and brother to VorVelm. He has a son, Xerland and grandson, Masterparadox.

Known as Sindorr was classically an Earth-born human that achieved immortality through cybernetic augmentation. Currently kept alive by a motor heart which runs on the tears of miserable children. Through study and download has apprehended supreme intelligence and combated split personalities to retain what he has lost of humanity after the Second Cycle.

Sindorr sought the Empire after the disintegration of the Coalition after escaping a dying Earth on a crafted shuttle and willingly joined the cadets thereafter. Supposedly was a biologist and mechanical engineer in Earth Life.


"By Reason or By Force" /// "Reason before Force"

"Generosity. Respect. Discipline." - (Adopted from General DevilishPyro