Wabburio was a former member of the Vaktovian Coalition and Vaktovian Empire. His rank in both the Empire and the Coalition was Colonel. Wabburio was Emperor of the Elite Mahzii Forces of ROBLOXia (EMFR), a clan that was officially allied with both the Vaktovian Coalition and Empire during the early days. Wabburio was exiled from the Empire following an argument with Vaktus. After this, the Mahzii Purge began in the Empire, in which low ranking Vaktovian Mahziis were exiled, whilst mid-ranking and high-ranking Vaktovian Mahziis were ordered to either leave EMFR or be exiled from Vaktovia. After the purge, Vaktovian Generals led two highly organised raids against EMFR in two different locations, in both of which Vaktovians flooded the servers and defeated the token Mahzlovian forces present with relative ease.