VS Logo

Current logo of VS.

Vortex Security or 'VS' is a superclan which currently holds over 135,000 members in it's ranks, 2,000 of which are not under the Recruit rank.

Yet they can only rally 3 people for a defense.


Vortex Security are often easily spotted by their uniforms, seeing as they come in a variety of colors, featuring all the colors in the rainbow. The group also has 4 active divisions under it's wing.


During the First Helghast Era of the Vaktovian Empire, the VAK vs VS war sparked and ended up in a Vaktovian victory.

Vaktovian Conquest

In early 2015, VS and four other clans fought in a conflict know by some as the Vaktovian Conquest. However, three of the five involved clans refused to fight back and where quickly decimated by Vaktovians, which included VS. Vaktovians were never able to raid Vortex Security, because the leader of the clan resorted to banning all Vaktovians and refused to unban the group until the war ended.