Versade was a Vaktovian private, as well as one of the three TGI high ranks who left and joined Vaktovia, along with Roullette and Iysander. He was a commandant of TGI before he left.

He has since left VAK, due to not feeling respected and acknowledged enough. He has once more joined TGI, before leaving it as well.

During TGI career

Before Versade joined Vaktovia, he used a different account, named Abillityx. While "Abillityx" was at the peak of his career in TGI, he was in every TGI division, and was a well known veteran of Arcadia. However, due to issues with Tober and other TGI high ranks, as well as a disagreement with reforms done to TGI, Abillityx decided to leave TGI, and to shed his past, he moved to a new account, which he uses today, named Versade. He, along with Iysander and Roullette, joined VAC on 10/12/13, and was accepted into the Empire along with Iysander on 12/23/13.