• Level 1 VAC
  • Level 2 VAC
  • Level 3 VAC
  • Vaktovian Trooper
  • Vaktovian Vanguard
  • Vaktovian Guardian
  • Vaktovian Commando
  • Vaktovian Recon
  • Vaktovian Medic
  • Vaktovian Royal Guard
  • Vaktovian Officer
  • Vaktovian Field Officer
  • Vaktovian General
  • Vaktovian Field General
  • Vaktus' Robes
The uniforms of the Vaktovian Empire are essential to distinguish the elite Vaktovian race from our enemies, as well as to distinguish the ranks.

The basic Vaktovian trooper class uniforms are the same for ranks Private through Lieutenant, besides their rank distinguishing arm band. As for Vaktovian Army Corps soldiers, they wear jackets with the number on the front that corresponds to their level in VAC, and wear the trooper pants.

The uniform itself is armored from head to toe with the gear suitable for the soldier's survival. It includes an air tube strapped to their chest for use as well as extra ammo on their backs. The left hand of the uniform includes a small panel for controls and a strong shoulder pad for added protection. Perhaps most important of all to some is the arm band on the left arm, reciting 'For Vaktovia we fight', displaying the true soldier's sense of duty and high morale, for as Vaktovians we shall never back down.


Vak Ranks

Ranks in the Vaktovian Empire. Made by Epilod.

The ranking system is very straight-forward, following a reading on the right armband. A chart has been provided to show the order (See image to the right.)

The ranks for Vaktovian Army Corps soldiers are simpler yet, having the numbers 1, 2, and 3 on the torso.


Once a soldier has reached the rank of Corporal+, they are allowed to choose a division to join, given they meet the requirements and pass all the tests to be accepted into their division of choice.

The divisions include:

- Vaktovian Vanguard Unit (Specialized in raiding)

- Vaktovian Guardian Unit (Specizlied in defending)

- Vaktovian Commando Unit (Specialized in CQC and frontlines)

- Vaktovian Recon Unit (Specialized in Stealth and Sniping)

- Vaktovian Medical Unit (Specialized in preserving soldier's health)

Royal Guard

All Royal guardsmen are hand picked and heavily armed with the best that the Empire can offer, and can be distinguished by their cape, golden shoulder pad, and signature arm band.