Vaktovian Empire Wiki

The Place picture for the Vaktovian recruitment Centre.

The Vaktovian recruitment Centre was a Vaktovian base andVaktus' first place. It was raidable, but raiders could only attempt to come and join on the raider team to attack Vaktovians. This was where visitors could arrive to learn about the Vaktovian Empire and see if they would like to join the Vaktovian Army Corps. This base had pictures on the first floor of the Empire's history, like the war with R.A.T, led by the pitiful Donkeyo4, (now name changed to ColourTheory), along with Pictures of Vaktovian Generals, though they were a bit outdated as the recruitment centre was not updated often. The Vaktovian recruitment centre is now unable to be played, as Vaktus has removed it from his active games.

--Unbeknownst to mostly everyone, there was a hidden hall that one could access on the second floor of the building.  Upon entering this hidden area you would be in a hall, of sorts, with a red door in your path.  Upon touching this door, you would die, unless you happened to be a General+.  This hidden hall lead to the Throne Room of Emperor Vaktus.