Vaktovian Empire Wiki

In the Vaktovian Empire, there are military-based ranks. From Private to General and up to the Emperor himself, there is a uniform that represents each rank. These uniforms, depending on their set, show the difference of rank by the white armband on the right arm with different insignia showing each rank (Image shown below). Certain uniforms also have small tick marks on the collar of the uniform. The Vaktovian Army Corps  also has ranks which go from Level 1 to Level 5 as of the updated VAC rank system (October 7th 2016).

Career paths

Ranks in the Vaktovian Empire. Made by Epilod.

At the rank of Private First Class or Corporal, each Vaktovian soldier is given the choice to follow a specific specialty career path to either continue as a trooper, become a Sniper, a Commando, a Guardian, a Vanguard, or a Medic.

The Primary Units are Vanguard and Guardian Divisions. There is no limit on how many can join, only that one must be at least a PFC. The others (Recon, Medic, and Commando) are Specialized Unit and only Corporal+ are eligible. A soldier can be in a maximum of one primary unit and one specialized unit at a time.

Mass Effect era ranks

The Mass Effect era uniforms, depending on their set, showed the difference of rank by a small tick mark on the uniform, or by the completely different style of the uniform. The Vaktovian Ascension Core also had ranks which go from stage 1 to stage 5.

Mass Effect era roleplay:

When a planet is conquered by Vaktovians, it's inhabitants are systematically rounded up and implanted with VACCINEs, which quickly convert them into VACs. It is through these methods that Vaktovians acquire new troops and ultimately, new leaders.  (The VACCINE process is seen through the stage 1-5 uniforms. The farther along a VAC progresses, the more their VACCINES take control, as seen how their uniform is more "infected" by the VACCINE with each stage. At stage 4, the VACCINE implant at the core of the uniform turns red, signifying their body accepting the new cybernetic changes.