Vaktovian Pre-Corps Logo

Logo of the Vaktovian Pre-Corps

The Vaktovian Pre-Corps is a temporary solution group for the UAF-VAK war and may have future applications as well.

Once recruitment for the Vaktovian Army Corps, members of the Pre-Corps will be notified.

To join, you must talk with a officer at the Recruitment Center that is present in the Pre-Corps.

Members of the Pre-Corps are NOT Vaktovians and are required to purchase/wear the Level 1 Uniform.


  1. Pender: Pending recruits of the Vaktovian Army Corps.
  2. Officers: Officers in the Vaktovian Empire. These Vaktovians should be contacted in the Recruitment Center to join.
  3. Overseers: These high ranking Vaktovians oversee VAC, and are the Vaktovians who will interview you during recruitment blocks.
  4. Gannex: Gannex