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Korvak's Grey Knights logo. Original Group.

The logo for the Grey Knights.

The Vaktovian Grey Knights was an older Vaktovian Division that was comprised of the best of the best in Vaktovia. It was often saw as a corrupt division due to the founder and leader, general Korvak, leading it much like it was an independant group, having its own trainings and raids. Korvak led the grey knights on his own accord, not seemingly caring about the result it had to Vaktovia or the other Vaktovians who were not able to get into the grey knights. After Korvak left the Vaktovian Empire, he gave the group to a lesser officer, who then gave the division to another Vaktovian captain after he betrayed Vaktovia. Once it was all settled, Vaktus shut it down due to it's corrupt past and nature, and the issues it caused with the Vaktovians who were not able to get into the grey knights. 

The ranks went by Trainee, Grey Knight, Grey Knight Purifier, Grey Knight Sergeant, Grey Knight Terminator, Grey Knight Captain, Grey Knight Chaplain, Grey Knight Primarch, and Grey Knight Hierarch.

Vaktus stated this on the group's description:

"I express my sincere apologies to those of you who have worked hard for the Grey Knights. This division has a 

The full uniform worn by the Vaktovian Grey Knights.

long and dark past. And unfortunately it has become nothing but an object of speration, dividing loyalties and causing more and more problems.

In these harsh times we must unite under one banner, we must all hold the Empire together with 100% of our strength. Divisions like this only thin us out and waste precious time and effort.

It is for the greater good of Vaktovia that I put the Grey Knights to rest."

(separation is spelled incorrect due to exact quote.)