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Welcome to the Vaktovian Wiki.

This wiki was created to inform everyone about the Vaktovian Empire, a mighty war clan on ROBLOX. If you are a Vaktovian, please make an account to help edit, create, and revise pages. This Wiki can be defined as a Vaktovian Archive, listing several different important categories of Vaktovia's history and current events, such as Important people, technology, and groups.

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DISCLAIMER: This wiki, relating to and surrounding The Vaktovian Empire, is part of the ROBLOX corporation, and uses images, models, and ROBLOX site info. All ROBLOX-related information is credited to the ROBLOX Corporation.



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  • The logo for the Vaktovian Empire
  • The Vaktovian Empire's Flag.
  • The Emperor and Autarch of the Vatovian Empire, Lord Vaktus
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