Vaktovian Empire Wiki

A picture of the Vaktovian Desert Outpost.

The Vaktovian Desert Outpost, also called Vaktovian Fair Warzone, is an old Vaktovian base that has not been updated for quite some time. It is not used at all, and has various faults (someone not in VAK can join the Vaktovian Empire team, for example.) The base is one of the largest, having desert terrain. The Vaktovians spawn in one corner of the hill filled desert plains, and the raiders in the opposite. The main tower is at the centre of the map, and you can go inside it. There are rooms at the top of the tower and a deck of AA guns. The base has a separate team for United Assault Forces along with a Raider and Vaktovian Empire team.

The base is not one of Vaktus' active places, and therefore is not playable anymore.