The Logo of the group.

Vaktovian Corporation's is an unofficial roleplay group which is supposed to be a placeholder for various fictional corporations (such as Stroude Arms). It was claimed by Vaktus in late 2011 and its fate is yet to be determined.


The blurb clearly states:

Vaktovian Corporation's deal with files of the vaktovian empire not the biggest part of vaktovia but its still importent. Our duty's or to sort out Financial issues and sort out civilian transport and direct soilders to thier posts. We work for the people, so do not think you will be out on the front lines much. Expect to be searching and briefing people and typing to sort out anything Financial.


This was an old Vaktovian group which is still open and people from outside Vaktovia join. This group was due to be shut down but never was. In other words, this is an old Vaktovian group that used to be a main source, but is now simply a free-to-join group that does absolutely nothing, and will get you nowhere in the Empire by being in it.