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The logo for the Vaktovian Cadets.

The Vaktovian Empire Cadets was the old Academy to join before you could be eligable to join the Vaktovian Empire. After the Vaktovian Army Corps was made, the Vaktovian Cadets could be joined by level 3 V.A.C soldiers who requested to join. It was essentially then an extra training group to prepare you for the Empire better, like that of a military academy. You were known to have a better reputation if you went into the Cadets while you were going through the army corps. The Vaktovian Cadets is now shutdown, and was for a time replaced by the Vaktovian Academy (which also shutdown later on).

Ranking system

The Vaktovian Cadets had a unique rank system, where there were two teams, Alpha and Omega, where cadets would be put into one or the other. Later, once they were ranked up, they would be ranked up to either Alpha team leader, or Omega team leader. The team leaders could then later be accepted into the Empire.