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The Vaktovian Ascension Core's logo.

The Vaktovian Ascension Core, shortened to VAC, was the older replacement for the Vaktovian Army Corps. The Ascension Core is the new, more systematic way to teach new recruits the basics to be a true Vaktovian. It is the only means of becoming a Vaktovian. To join, you have to pass the Vaktovian Entrance Course, and after recieving the badge from the Entrance Course, proceed to message an application to the account VACApplications. Click here for the application.

The Vaktovian Ascension Core is now being shutdown and replaced by the Vaktovian Army Corps.

Each rank in VAC is educated in a specific area of training. They proceed as follows:

Stage 1: TRIAL


Stage 3: LAW

Stage 4: COMBAT


During Stage 5, VACs are mentored by a Vaktovian one to one for 1-2 weeks to show VACs how to become a functional part of the Empire.

Other ranks

The other ranks of VAC are for Mentors, Officers, Generals, etc. and follow as so:

Stage 5 (Revising): This rank is used for people who fail their examination test. VACCINEs will be put back into the mentoring system and tested until they pass into Vaktovia.

Vaktovian Worthy: This is the rank Stage 5 VACs are set to after passing their examination test, and are pending for acceptance into the Vaktovian Empire.

Mentor: These are the Vaktovians who mentor Stage 5's for 1-2 weeks.

Officer: These are Captains, Colonels, and Senior Colonels within the Vaktovian Empire. They are responsible for training VACCINEs.

Examination Officer: These officers examine VACCINEs for promotions and do examination tests.

General: The Generals of the Vaktovian Empire.

Supreme General: Gannex Alcatraz

Emperor: Vaktus