Vaktovian Empire Wiki


Vaktovians are the inhabitants of Vaktovia, alleged with the purpose of obliterating all life apart from them, as well as dominating all other beings. They have risen and fallen, and again risen in their lifetimes.

1st Generation

The 1st Generation Vaktovians were also known as Coalitioners. It was the starting stages of Vaktovia, and they were but being adapted to. This stage was led by the grand Vaktovian Coalition, ruled by XDHAPPYXD. The uniforms were based off the Combine from the Half Life series.

2nd Generation

After XD's username change to Vaktus, the Coalition grew into a splendid empire (That is, after the Vaktovian Empire was formed after the admin attack on the Vaktovian Coalition.) The uniforms and weaponry became more advanced. Many wars occured in this era. Contrary to the belief that the uniforms were based on the Helghast, the uniforms were actually based off the Enclave Power Armour from the Fallout series.

3rd Generation

Following the recent theme change, some were disgusted by this. Vaktovia changed uniforms yet again and started it's war with The Grand Imperium, led by ToberDam. The uniforms were based off various Mass Effect enemies, ranging from Husks to Reapers.

4th Generation

Following the end of the V O I D war and return of Emperor Vaktus from inactivity, the Vaktovian Empire changed back into the original Helghast theme, but this time changing the uniforms into a more advanced model. This generation kicked off at the beginning of the UAF war.