The VAK vs WIJ war began early November of 2014, with the Vaktovian Empire choosing to declare war on WIJ, seeing that it was one of the few clans in the clan world left to still be considered strong. Initially, WIJ's leader SilentSwords refused war, due to WIJ not having warred in years, and that he was rather busy with real life issues. However, due to the pressure WIJ felt with the Vaktovian Empire preparing for war, WIJ opened up their base to allow VAK to raid. Although VAK hosted many invasions and raids on WIJ's Outpost Indigo II, WIJ did not counter-attack at SMO 2.0.


With the war lasting one month, The Vaktovian Empire had aquired 22 victories at WIJ's outpost Indigo II, whereas WIJ did not even raid the Swampy Moon Outpost, thus gaining no wins. Although WIJ did not consider it a war, it was completed, and VAK moved onto the next target.