The second VAK vs RAT war was officialy declared immediately after the end of the VAK vs TGI war. As Lord Vaktus was speaking at the end of the Victory Ceremony, he surprised everyone with a treat, declaring that VAK would war RAT for the second time. The first VAK-RAT war was a famous and brutal war, causing many viewpoints on the new war to exist. However, most Vaktovian personnel looked forward to a new enemy to slaughter.


Before R.A.T officially accepted the declaration of war from VAK, Vaktovian forces had already been bombarding R.A.T's fort Celeste II day in and day out. Shortly after, R.A.T accepted the war declaration. (Found here: And official war terms were set up (Found here:


Even in the beginning, VAK won many raids on fort Celeste, made easy with all of RAT's lowest rank soldiers unwillingly making it official with the minimum needed men by queing for Celeste, or by having only 5 or so lower skilled soldiers patrolling with VAK sent in full strikes upon the RAT base.

VAK also gained many defensive victories, even when the numbers were not in their favour. However, RAT did have complaints about VAK not defending, because the only time RAT attacked was when VAK only had a bare minimum of men at SMO to make it official, or if RAT flooded into one or more SMO servers, with no Vaktovian personnel, completely empty server raiding, yet expected VAK to send in troops into those servers. RAT also had complaints about the StA-53 weapon the Vaktovian team used being stronger than the M-82 the raiders used, even though they use the same gun script, simply with different sounds, bolt colour, and gun model design.

Victory by VAK

After an exact one month war between The Vaktovian Empire, and the Roblox Assault Team, Vaktovia had won the war with an incredible end result of 101 total wins, including a half win resulting from each defensive victory at SMO, and a full win each time a raid was victorious at RAT's Fort Celeste II. RAT had, according to them, 16 wins, though VAK stated that RAT only gained 9 victories in total. Vaktus posted a victory thread and war conclusion, using his Talk2Vaktus account: