The VAK-NFC war was decided shortly after the refusal of a war by Frost Clan. Due to Frost Clan not wanting to partake in a war against the Vaktovian Empire, it was decided that VAK would have a "Friendly" war against NFC, so that both sides may gain activity and weapon training through it. NFC did not expect to win a war against VAK, but by fighting against VAK without hatred and propaganda against each other, NFC could boost their soldier's moral, as well as skill level by participating in this war.

The Vaktovian Empire had decided and agreed to use the Plains of Varcia as their base for the war against NFC, as it is much simpler tactically than Outpost Pyro would be, as well as Varcia being easier to learn the map than Outpost Pyro's more intricate layout.

Early issues in the war

Starting the moment the war began, after NFC had made the agreed edits to their base, such as a VAK-NFC only script to keep outside raiders from partaking in the war, NFC's terminal, as well as other parts of the base's scripting, had begun to break and malfunction, causing raiding issues for the Vaktovians, such as the terminal not counting the seconds VAK held it. After repeated reminders to NFC to fix their base quickly so that VAK could properly raid, with NFC not fixing the scripts when they claimed they would be, The Vaktovian Empire decided to close their base, Varcia, down until NFC had finished corrections to their base, so that no unfairness would continue, as defence victories only count as 0.5 of a win, while if NFC succesfully raided at Varcia, they would gain a full raid win.

This issue was resolved by replacing NFC's Fort Topixa with one of their older ones, named Virium.