The Vaktovian-Frost Clan war was a somewhat shorter war than others VAK had faced. It was also not as harsh in terms of hatred or flaming. Each group raided each other often, and many times were unable to win raids, as each side was strong.

Winter 2011: The Vaktovian Empire and Frost Clan go to war. This war consists of complaining from the Frost Clan side, but a lot of flaming from the Vaktovian side. Vaktovia has the majority of strong C&Gers in VAC/VAK for the war. Many call Frost Clan mediocre and decent at the beginning of the war. Frost Clan scores 34 raid wins, Vaktovia scores 17. Monsterpod leads the majority of the raid wins for Frost Clan, Brian leads the majority of the raid wins for Vaktovia. ToberDam and Tainteddark continually make flamebait threads to try to tarnish the Frost Clan reputation. Vaktus asks Dignatio for a cease fire in order to mutually destroy John's Cobras. ToberDam, Tainteddark, Brian, and Brickster all leave with other Vaktovians to form a new empire called The Grand Imperium.

Summer 2012: The Vaktovian Empire and Frost Clan resume their war, starting from scratch by request of Vaktus. Vaktovia has new members who are much more skilled than the petty popular C&Gers they once had, but continually make war score threads due to them being in the lead. A lot of their current Officers+ had taken part in this war. Frost Clan flames back, but loses most arguments due to inexperience on the forums. Frost Clan and Vaktovia trade blows, 1-1. Vaktovia goes on a scoring stretch over a week, 7-1 lead. Frost Clan goes on a 2 day winning stretch, take it back 7-5. Vaktus requests a cease fire in order to get rid of VAC and install a new Cadets program. Dignatio agrees, so long as Vaktovia does not attack Frost Clan in a war format without a 3 day warning.

Frost Clan's base had a 20 or 25 minute timer, 5 FC (2 being WS) rule, one touch midpoint, magnet for exploiters (lots of exploiting happened during both wars, neither side is responsible), lag, and is a lot like Fort Wolf (1 not 2) is today, although less pretty, and obviously outdated.

Vaktovia's base, SMO, had a 20 or 25 minute timer, 5 VAK rule, an ATAC, Vaktovian-specific guns, closer spawn, some admin abusing Generals (mostly just Liam), lots of lag, and narrow trapable hallways.

Final war scores:

34-17 Frost Clan leading 7-5 Vaktovia leading

Overall score:

39-24 Frost Clan leading