The VAK vs. EL/CAT war was originally going to be a war between the Vaktovian Empire, and the combined forces of the FEAR (First Encounter Assault Recon), VS (Vortex Security), RSF (Roblox special forces), EL (Electro Legion), and CAT (Combat Assault Team). After the war declaration was initially posted on the forums, Vortex Security quickly refused to participate in the war.

The war terms stated that VAK would have to win at each group's base 20 times to defeat that group in the war, and once 20 wins were acquired from each enemy base, VAK would win. On the other hand, if the combined efforts of the four active groups were able to win a total of 50 raids at SMO 2.0, they would subsequently win the war.

During the war

In the first half of the war, it was going very smoothly for both sides, but in particular, VAK. FEAR was quickly defeated, as was RSF, early on in the war. However, RSF chose to add one hit kill explosive bullets on their team's side to try to stop VAK from winning, but to no avail. Some wins were made at both EL's and CAT's forts, although they were not the primary focus of VAK until after FEAR and RSF were out of the war. Many issues arrised once EL and CAT were left, such as both of their forts having technical difficulties, lag issues, and other problems that halted the war. Combined with that was EL's leader in particular using the war to gain popularity by spreading rumours about VAK and otherwise speaking on the C&G, knowing he could gain support due to the large number of anti-VAK bandwagoners on said sub-forum.

In the end, the war screeched to a halt, and in the end, had a very anti-climatic finish, ending with a "tie" between VAK and EL/CAT, due to unfixed base issues by both enemy groups, as well as constant rants and bickering by their leaders. VAK assumed victory due to their lack of cooperation in the end that lead to the complete halt of the war, whereas EL and CAT took it as a tie due to not being outright defeated. The war's rough end caused some drop in moral to the Vaktovians.