Ultradarryl is an ex-Vaktovian Private. He ran a rebellion and legion while in the Empire. His original account he joined as was Ultradarrylalt, as he was deleted for some account currency hack. He joined the VAC late 2013. He got promoted in VAC much faster than any of the other members in VAC, though he was also caught online dating and Exploiting SMO on a alt. He only made it to Private in VAK back in 2012 on his Ultradarrylalt account,and he claims he has gotten back into the Empire on an alt. He stated that his horns mean death to Vaktovia, and his Fedora and Hair mean "UltraAltra" which is his other deleted account due to frequent online dating. He used to exploit SMO back before he ever got into the Empire with the Hung999 GUI and 2012 Textcode DLL exploit. He exploits SMO when he can to this day.

Crypton 3-5390341

A different look of Ultradarryl