Theroadrunner, also known as Road Reginar Runner ​Alcatraz (or R.R.R.) is a Vaktovian Corporal and ex-Lieutanant. He was known to be the Left Hand Man of Gargix.

He joined VAC back in late April, 2011, and quickly made it to Level 5, at which point he was recommended for Sgt. by Colonel Liam3131 to General Hugginator. After several recommendations, he was promoted to Lt. by General DevilishPyro , and served the Empire for at least a year. He was in VMP under Brickster1324 until its collapse. He was the first to be invited to join Halorabbit's elite Serpent Guard, which he later did. After building the first recorded working realistic MAWLR (based off of Killzone), he joined EI, at which point he gave his account to JackBourne (due in part to depression after VMP was destroyed), who then made it to Captain.

Around August 2012, the original Theroadrunner got into a conflict with the new Theroadrunner (JackBourne), and decided to take his account back. The whole issue was taken to the generals, who took it to Vaktus, who decided that JackBourne would retain his rank as Captain under his old account, JackBourne, while the original Theroadrunner would be demoted to Corporal under Theroadrunner. Despite their initial conflict, JackBourne and Theroadrunner learned to deal with one another peacefully. Sadly, JackBourne was later exiled for insulting Supreme General Dologan.

At this point, Theroadrunner began to focus on building, which he had learned in his time away from VAK. He was accepted into Sage's Hounds, but was exiled for inactivity. He later joined Sage's family, the Alcatraz Family. He then made a name for himself selling Vaktovian Uniform Addition T-Shirts and making custom uniform additions, earning at one point the title of "The Most Successful VAK T-Shirt Maker on ROBLOX." He made T-Shirts for generals, colonels, low ranks and VACs. At this point, college, family, and real life issues caught up with him, and his account was banned, and he temporarily left ROBLOX due to inactivity early 2013.

Then, in August 2013, he returned after completing his two college semesters and summer session. He rejoined EI with the help of his friend Koen500, and with the assistance of Foxraider101, Gargix, and other close friends, he made an enormously secret, complex project which instantly made him the talk of the HRs. Currently, he is building projects for close friends and for EI, working hard to at last regain his lost honor and title.