--Old description

Known for their skill, any rank above Stage Three who is friends with AbstractedUnova can join the Xetra Family, with a few exceptions such as Blackmagi, a Stage Two. Created by Private AbstractedUnova, who was a VACCINE at the time of creation, the Xetra Family has proven successful so far. Some of the most well-known members in it are AzureSpirit and ADRIANSANITY. As a newly made family, there is not much known about the Xetra Family, but they are very promising and hopefully their name should soon be carved into history.

--Updated description The Xetra Family is a family held by Dill80 and led by the original founder Rokushou. The guild now focuses on recruiting skilled VAC who will be chosen using a combat test. The physical group itself is a new one, created by Viceral. Xetra was re-opened in the 3rd Cycle of Vaktovia. Any who wish to join may enter the group directly, but will be placed in "Awaiting Placement" - the rank that indicates whoever is in it still needs a test. Should anyone fail, they would not be removed. Any user can take the test once per day.