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The Vaktovian Dominion logo.

The Vaktovian Dominion was a group Vaktus created to gather up other groups to fight a similar threat. It was not an alliance in any way, but was made so that all of those groups could communicate when fighting the same enemy. The groups were not watching each other's back really, but just connecting while fighting the same enemy. Originally, there were 6 other groups in the Dominion, consisting of the Avanian Empire (Fourpapa1), Starlight Corporation (Skul4o), The Imperium of Man (Eaglesword), Silent Gun Killers (Breakdown772/Codruler), R.A.A, and -Caesar's Legion-. The Imperial Federation was a member during the Dominion's intermediate period. They were later removed due to conflict between the Federation's high ranks and Vaktovian officials. Now, there are no other groups involved with Vaktovia, and the Vaktovian Dominion has been officially shutdown.

The Fall of the Dominion

The Imperium of Man, led by Eaglesword, was the second of the Dominion clans to leave (Second to Silent Gun Killers who almost instantly betrayed the Dominion). Complications and insults that went back and forth sparked small conflicts between VAK and IoM. Over the next few days, various Officers (Such as Colonel Vydrakk and Captain Boogie) began raiding The Imperium. During that time, the Starlite Corporation broke away, claiming they did not want to be part of the conflict. During the days that those raids went on, Vaktovia attacking Stroh, Imperials attacking Outpost Pyro, there were rumors that war could spark between the two clans. Not long after all the raids had happened, Eaglesword had enough. He updated Stroh with a giant wall, and doubled the timer on the Capture point.

These other groups left after, in this order:


-Caesar's Legion-

Avanian Empire

  • Note to people reading, this is what I can actually remember happening. Parts of it may not be accurate. - Shadowblacksmith
  • SGK's leader exploited and later attacked the Avanian Empire base, causing them to be removed from the Dominion. -Fourpapa1


From the group description:

"With war comes power; with victory comes order; 
with the Dominion comes both."

The objective of the dominion from the description:

We shall gather and unite war clans from all across ROBLOXia, to fight
alongside each other under one banner. The thrill of war and the 
spoils of victory are ours for the taking.