The Serpent Guard

The Serpent Guard's logo.

The Serpent Guard was made by Ex General Halorabbit AKA Aerys Drake.

The Serpent Guard was about loyal Vaktovians and VACs that were personally trained by Halorabbit to become elite soldiers and his guards. The Division lasted for nearly a year before it died out of inactivity.

The Soldiers for the Division were handpicked by Halorabbit.


  • Initiate

Initiate rank was the first step in the Serpent Guard. You spend most of the time training at the Serpent Guard training center. After you get enough marks you get promoted to Guard.

  • Guard

Guard rank is the second step in the Serpent Guard. You are now officialy a guard of General Aerys Drake. Your mission is to protect the General at all cost and all the time. You still train with your comrades at the training center. When you get enough marks, you get promoted to Honour Guard.

  • Honour Guard

Honour Guard rank is the third step in the Serpent Guard. You are not just a regular guard, you are a honour guard, trained guard to protect the General against all dangers. To achieve this rank you must be one of the best guards, most active and loyal ones to the General.

  • Champion

Every week a champion is being announced, then he figths those who challenge him. If he fails, the winner takes his place. He/she is the champion until someone beats him/her.

  • Electi

Information is being gathered

  • Dragon Guards

Dragon Guards are the best guards you can find.The Elites. They are trained to be on alert all the time and to exceed in close combat.

  • Captain of the Guard

Captain of the Guard was the second in command. He would host trainings and help initiates. He would take over when the General is absend. To achieve this rank you have to be in the Serpent Guard a long time and to exceed in close quarters combat. You need to gain the General's trust to become the Captain of the Guard.


Standard uniform of the Serpent Guard was the Vaktovian Advanced Power Armor.

The Badge was found here. Made by General Shadowblacksmith.


"Invictus" -Halorabbit