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The Real U.S.S.F. (short for The Real United States Special Forces)  is an American army themed modern military war group on Roblox. The group is quite popular on Roblox, having achieved over 60,000 members. Despite being disliked, The Real United States Special Forces is currently the 10th largest group on Roblox, ahead of LOL, and behind Black Wolf Empire. Despite the popularity of American themed war groups, The Real United States Special Forces still remains the largest of its kind. The group has been in several wars, including wars with some super-clans like The Robloxian Army, F.E.A.R., John's Cobras, and the United States Military. U.S.S.F. is one of the fastest growing groups on Roblox, having achieved over 15,000 members in 2012, and over 35,000 members in 2013, bringing their total to over 55,000 members. USSF while in war with USM was defeated by the large number of raids conducted by USM and allies, this war was started by USMs and FEARs growing dislike of USSF, causing USM to unally and USSF to declare war.  There has not been any serious conflict between The Real U.S.S.F and the Vaktovian Empire.