Vaktovian Empire Wiki

The Austratt Empire, or AE, has a long history including some quarrels with Vaktovia. There are 4 periods in which Austratt's history is in.

Lewisado (HerrKrieg)

Lewisado, or by his ROBLOXian name, HerrKrieg, is the leader of Austratt. He is also an Ex-Vaktovian General. He is somewhat headstrong and arrogant, but a great leader nonetheless. He lead Austratt into victory many times.

The Empire's First Period.

Austratt's first period is somewhat only known by its veterans. One of the stories there are is the war with Ninja Corp. Austratt was close to losing untill one of the lower ranks, Snugeer, called in reinfocements, therefore causing the tides to turn and sealing Austratt's victory.

The Empire's Second Period.

This period was relatively short. After the war with Ninja Corp, the Empire enjoyed a glorious first period. The second period was simply a bunch of wars. Untill Lewisado considerd quitting. He gave the group to second in command and Vaktovian, nerferdude16. Nerfer tore the group apart. He turned the group into some ruin of itself and it almost collasped, then he gave it to Vaktus.

For a short time in this period the group rebuilt itself, and prospered once more, under Vaktus. He paid no mind to the group.

The Empire's Third Period.

In the begining of this period there was great activity, and one of the greatest FMs was born. MUMMYNOOB01. For a short time under SFM Xal (Who was a Vaktovian, quit, then later re-joined.) Then the group fell into inactivity. It almost collasped. (All throughout this time fighting Anette and nerferdude16.) HerrKreig founded a new group, and kept fighting. Then MUMMYNOOB01 was exiled by Vaktus himslef, and Austratt fell into complete inactivity. There was a small attempt of a rebellion, led by Stalkerofdeath1, the Supreme Field Marshall of War. The rebellion was quickly ended, though Stalker put up a hard fight on getting Vaktus to notice about the group. Stalker later resigned from Austratt in a sight of corruption by HerrKreig, which led to many disputes.

The Empire's Fourth, and last period.

Later, Vaktus gave the group back to HerrKrieg. The rebuiling started soon after. As MUMMYNOOB01 said, "Our Golden Age is upon us!" This was Austratt's golden age. It lasted for a long while untill Austratt died. How?  Because the ROBLOX Moderators decided to delete the group, likely because people assume anything that sounds German must be of "Nazi" decent and anything of Nazi decent must be erradicated. It lasted for years, and is now dead.