The former Colonel, Vydric Red, Reaper


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OPEN: FILE:// Colonel Alayix Red


Dossier: Vydric Red

Name: Vydric M. Red

Nickname: Reaper


Birthplace: Aristos, Vaktovian Moon

Skills: Close Quaters Combat, Marksmanship, Leadership, HMV

Rank/Position: Ex-Colonel of Vaktovia; UCR Captain


Not much is known about the childhood of Vydric Red, only his present and near past. He joined the Vaktovian Coalition during its creation and quickly rose through it ranks, showing much promise and loyalty to the cause. He stood by the Coalitions side through both there triumph and failers, and eventually reached the rank of Captain due to this. However, this did not last. When Lightbulbs exodus of the Coaltion came, Vydric was one of the first to go, stripped of his rank and dignaty both.

From then, he drifted, taking up positions in numorus clans, rising through there ranks, and then leaving for seemingly no reason. However, once he learned of the Vaktovian Empire, XDHappyXD's reincarnation of Vaktovia, he joined instantly and not only recieved his old rank, but a promotion as well. The newly appointed Colonel would hold raids, trainings, anything to mold the men of Vaktovia into super soldiers, to killing mechines built for only the death of their enemies. This went on for roughly a year, until Vydric was exiled for unknown reasons. He rejoined six moths later, worked his way back up to Lieutenant, and then left shortly after Korvaks resignation, due to his problems with Vaktovia's leadership.

He is currently a Captain for the UCR.

Has been a member of the Grey Knights, the Royal guard, and the Commando Regiment in Vaktovia.