Gobitoe is a vaktovian who as been serving vaktovia since middle summer 2012, he worked about 8 months to become a level 4, back in april 2012. Later on, he left roblox then switched accounts to TheAgonizingGuy, and had to re-do his ranks. He became a level 2 when the new Vaktovian generation came out, he was the 3rd VAC to join the new group.

He also made Colonel Zastec 's marching facility, and a Evolution Initiative entry with a comrade, but for some reason, he didn't get in but his comrade did...

He applied for 2 summer games and 1 winter games, without being selected, sadly. He is now still in VAC, as a level 1, slowly trying to get back active in VAC, and reach is goal of being accepted into the empire