Vaktovian Private T5R2


T5R2 is a Private in the Vaktovian Empire. He was previously in the Vaktovian Army Corps, and in the Acension Core. His ability to sword and gun fight well has gained him respect from many of his colleagues. T5R2 was involved in the great VAK-TGI war, and was a prime soldier.

Vaktovian Years

T5 joined the Vaktovian Empire when he was fairly young in ROBLOX. He became actively involved with the Empire, and rose through the ranks quickly. However, when T5 was a Level 4 in the Army Corps, it shut down. T5 was persistent; he joined the new Ascension Core, and was promoted quickly due to his effort and fighting expertise. Upon reaching Stage 5, he was mentored, and tested. He passed, and became a VAktovian. Today, T5 is often seen at Swampy Moon Outpost 1.7.0, patrolling, or practicing at the Vaktovian training grounds. He remains a loyal and strong soldier till this day,