This soldier, also a good friend, Was a mere noob when he arrived at the gates of Vaktovia, But that quickly changed, here's why. Sweetkiller211 was a valiant, devoted soldier who knew nothing but the fact that Vaktovia must be superior to all who oppose, When he was accepted into Vaktovia as a Private, he quickly proved himself in many's eyes, But one man out of all saw him for what he was really worth, Supreme General Dologan, Dologan witnessed him rise to PFC, And then by his hands to Corporal for a valiant fight at the Desert Outpost, Sweetkiller and 2 other unknown Vaktovians held the outpost against 8-10 Raiders for nearly 15-20 minutes before help arrived, this jumpshotted his career.

Later on after all this was said and done, Sweetkiller211 was trained by some of the best, The names are forgotten, But one of them was known by the name of Dommel101, Dommel and sweetkiller became close friends, He was the man who turned Sweetkiller into the Bloodthirsty Vaktovian Animal he was, He served without question, and was very loyal to Vaktovia, Vaktus, and his favorite General Hugginator, Hugginator and Sweet rarely had "conversations" But when Sweet knew Korvak was in a good mood, He would always put forth an effort to show Korvak how much he appreciated him. Sweetkiller211 was a loyal and honest soldier, He was apprenticed by Captain Sorlor, a Long long time friend of his, And he was said to have had emotinal affections for the Officer known as Surved12, These emotions would be the downfall of this Great Champion of the RAT Wars, When sweet was Promoted to Seargent during the Beginning of the War, He was an obediant, Loyal Vaktovian who would always Make sure the job was done, And it proved to benefit him and Vaktovia, He joined the VMP And closely watched to make sure that everything was in order, He was also apart of the divison known as the Sage's Hounds, Lead by Colonel Liam3131, His last known status was when he was promoted to Lieutenant, And he met Vaktus at the Recruitment center and discussed thing's about what Vaktovia had planned for the future, But sadly this Champion would not be apart of it, He was exiled for calling General Pyro a Fool, Because Pyro killed dozens of Vaktovians for no reason whatsoever, But this Lieutenant will always be a Vaktovian at Heart and Mind, And when Vaktus comes calling, He will be at The Emperor's feet kneeling.

Intresting facts: He was one of few Alexis444 Liked in VAK, He respected her with everything he had, He was trained by a legend known as Kyloman2, Still friends to this day, And he is disgusted by the new "Mass Effect" era.