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Stroudie's current look.

Stroudie was a Lt. General of Vaktovia. (technically, he was a Colonel by rank.) He was the creator of most of the technology in the Vaktovian Empire, including the weapons, vehicles, and bases. Stroudie creates the items for the bases, and also made a good portion of the current Swampy Moon Outpost (Before Dologan overthrew him and replaced him, which led to his resignation).

In 2015, stroudie joined VAC once more to serve in Vaktovia and is currently a Level 2.


--Stroudie has resigned from his position in Vaktovia as of May 31, 2013. 

--Read this Thread for further information:

In a generalization, he was removed from his position as leading development for the Swampy Moon Outpost, therefore leaving him with very little to do. He formally resigned from his position. 

Stroudie's creations

All weapons related to VAK/Killzone

The Vaktovian Dropship


(was not finished) Fort Avalon

The more current versions of the SMO

Several other bases

Rememberance of Colonel Vladek Cario

There are many memorials, but the most popular one is one found here;

Stroudie put forward much of our nation's technology, and brought forward some seriously menacing problems that have yet to be formally discussed. He put up with a lot of disrespect and being treated unfairly through the years. He will be remembered for everything he did in this nation.

As a final good bye to Colonel Stroudie.