Stronghold II

Stronghold II's place picture.

The Stronghold II (SHII) is a fortress located on Arcadia's moon Carthage XII, and it was a primary raiding fort for the Vaktovians in the VAK vs TGI war. It is owned by the Emperor of The Grand Imperium, ToberDam

Vaktovian versus Arcadian warEdit

Within the war, the base was primarily used for Vaktovians to raid and Arcadians to defend in, most raids held by nitro78. Shortly after the middle of the war, ToberDam allowed New Alexandria to be used by the Vaktovians to raid.


After TGI declared an unofficial auto-win, the base was referted to the older version, known as Stronghold I. The base would break war terms, due to the base having tanks and a large instant-kill cannon on the base's wall, but since TGI thinks they have finished the war, they did not care.