LT StA-54

The Lieutenant version of the StA-54.

The StA-54 is the current standard issue rifle used by all Vaktovian and VAC personnel. The StA-54 replaced the StA-53.

Weapon StatisticsEdit

The StA-54, like it's predecessor, has a higher rate of fire, with damage that can kill within 5-7 hits. Unlike the StA-53, the StA-54 has a percentage of energy for it's ammunition, and will be quicker to reload the earlier you reload, as it takes less time to reach back up to 100%. The old StA-53 had the same reload time no matter when it was reloaded. This weapon is currently still used, however at SMO, it is succeeded by the StA-55.

Design and featuresEdit

Still based on the killzone StA-52 LAN, the StA-54 takes a lighter grey colour design, and has wider but shorter dimensions than the StA-53. Though there are two barrels, only the top one is used for rifle fire. The bottom barrel is asthetic in nature, and is derived from the StA-53's old shotgun mode, which is no longer a part in the newer models.

An interesting trait about the StA-54 rifle is that each rank in the Vaktovian Empire gets a unique version of their StA-54, with certain details added on the higher the rank, such as side plates, attachment bars, different scopes, and other things, which are all purely aesthetic, and do not affect the functionality of the StA-54's. Generals have custom StA-54s, and they vary in colour.