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The Killzone 2 version of the StA-52.

The StA-52 was the basic Standard Issue Assault Rifle of the Vaktovian Empire. It was created by Vaktovian Colonel and weapons designer Stroudie and uses a bullpup design. It has since been decomissioned with the introduction of the StA-53.


The StA-52 is a fully-automatic rifle with low damage and decent accuracy. It holds about 60 rounds in its magazine and is equiped with a red reflex sight and flash light.

StA-52 In-game.

Design and Features

The StA-52 uses a bullpup design and is based on the main Helghast weapon found in the Killzone games. It was designed by Stroudie along with the other Vaktovian weapons.

Where You Can Find It

The StA-52 was given to you in your starter pack at most modern Vaktovian outposts, such as Kaznan and Pyro before it was replaced by the StA-53. It was the basic starting weapon for the teams VAC, Vaktovian Empire and Vaktovian Empire Cadets (later, The Vaktovian Academy.)