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The Killzone look of the StA-3.

The SMO 2.0 design of the StA-3.

The StA-3 is a High-Power Light Machine Gun, originally created by the ex-Vaktovian weapons designer, stroudie. It is inspired by a weapon of the same name and appearance used by the Helghast faction in the Killzone videogames, which is in turn based from the MG42 used by Nazi Germany during World War 2.

Weapon Statistics

The StA-3 has a high rate of fire and holds 100 rounds in its magazine. It is most effective from close to medium range and is great for laying down suppressive fire. Its only downside is its longer reload speed.

Design and Function

The StA-3 is designed as a light-machine gun and is used for supressing purposes. Its bipod is only cosmetic and cannot be used to mount the gun on anything.

The old look of the StA-3.

Where to find

The StA-3 can be obtained by anyone in the armoury as one of the 3 armoury weapons at SMO 2.0.