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The StA-18 from Killzone 2.

The SMO 2.0 design for the StA-18.

The StA-18 is the main Vaktovian sidearm weapon. It was originally made by

Stroudie. There is a variant of this pistol made for Officers, called the Officer's Pistol.


The StA-18 is a semi-automatic pistol which holds 20 bullets, and fires as fast as the user can pull the trigger. It suffers from lower accuracy and is generally used as a last resort weapon if there is no time to reload your primary. The pistol deals about 6 damage per shot.

Designs and Features

The StA-18 is designed like any other pistol, with a smaller barrel and pistol grip. A distinctive feature of the StA-18 is it's large cyllindrical canister below the muzzle.

Where to find it

The old look of the StA-18.

The StA-18 is found in the armoury at SMO 2.0, and is available to anyone.