Vaktovian Empire Wiki

The Killzone 2 look of the StA-14.

The StA-14 is a medium-power semi-automatic rifle that was created by Stroudie. It has now been decommisioned.

Weapon Statistics

The StA-14 was a semi-automatic rifle which could be set to a burst-fire mode and fires as fast as the user can pull the trigger. Its magazine holds about 20 bullets. It is most effective from medium to long range. 

Design and Features

The design is similar to the VC-32 except that it has a shorter barrel and lacks a scope. It also has a flashlight attachment, like all the current Vaktovian weapons.

Where you can find it

The newest look of the StA-14.

Before it was decommisioned, you could find this weapon in all the Vaktovian weapon dispensers at SMO, and/or could also be selected as a starter weapon.