Vaktovian Empire Wiki

The Killzone 2 look of the StA-11.

The StA-11 is the low-power and high rate of fire SMG of the Vaktovian Empire. It was created by the Vaktovian Colonel and weapons designer stroudie. It has been decommissioned.

Weapon Statistics

The StA-11 is a fully-automatic submachine gun. It holds 50 bullets in each round and has a high rate of fire. It has lower than average accuracy and is used as a close combat weapon. 

StA-11 in-game.

Design and Features

The StA-11 is based on a weapon found in the Killzone games. It was designed by Stroudie along with the other models of the StA series. It features a flashlight, as well as an iron sight. It was created to reduce lag while having realistic sounds and muzzle flash.

Where You Can Find It

Before it was decommissioned, the StA-11 could be obtained from a Vaktovian weapon dispenser, or selecting it as a starting weapon.