Spec is currently a Private in the Vaktovian Empire. He is an above average combatant and great friend to all.



Spec was born on a snow-covered planet. His race lived side by side with white tigers. Each male in their society was assigned one tiger as his partner in war. Spec's tiger is known as Spectra.

Spec was trained in the art of swordfighting, and used the rare Dual Venomshanks. With Spectra, they became the most skilled combatants on their planet.

On a patrol one day, Spec came across a mysterious object that had fallen from space. It was a VACCINE pod. When he approached it, it restrained him and implanted him with a VACCINE. Spectra attempted to save him, although it was too late. But, Spectra interfered with a part of the process, and Spec is still able to bond with his tiger. He had leave Spectra behind to train to become a true Vaktovian, where he was trained in gunfighting.