Skeletonkid's current look.

Skeletonkid, also known as Xenos Zastec Vosque, Is a current Private in The Vaktovian Empire. Skeletonkid would prefer a sniper out of all weapons, and is very skilled at it too. Skeletonkid is a current Trainee Staff for The Evolution Initiative, and a member of the Vosque family, owned by Captain Yeller

Skeletonkid was accepted the Vaktovian Ascension Core  May 21st, 2014, by Hunter7777. After 8 months of being a VAC, he was accepted into The Vaktovian Empire January 25th, 2015, accepted by Colonel CrimsonStatic .


Skeleton has always wondered about the Vaktovian Empire ever since 2011 when a Cadet in The Vaktovian Army Corps told him about it.

Skeletonkid as a Stage 1 after being acceped loved to spar, andalways wondered about what he could accomplish in Vaktovia. He met many friends along the way of his journey, learning new skills and new methods of fitting in with Vaktovia. As his VACCINE aged, so did his mind. 

Accepted into the VAC/S1: 5/21/14 (Hunter7777)  Stage 2: 10/7/14 (Gannex)  Stage 3: 11/12/14 (xerland2)  Stage 4: 12/3/14 (SpikeMan277)  Stage 5: 12/17/14 (Jess106)  Mentored by Isodore.

He currently proudly serves Vaktovia as a Private, working on his skills, building and sniping.