Ex Vaktovian seans101

Seans101 joined the Empire in 2010. and got to captain real quick. Two years later she retired because she was stressed.

Seans101 has returned from her retirement when the new Vaktovian Era has started.

She was in the Vaktovian Commando Regiment ranked Scout and she was in the Grey Knights.

I entered VAK during a time when the Recruitment Center was still an active place to be, and one of my friends, thesilversurfer, whom was lieutenant at the time, was dueling me in swordfights. This lead to other Vaktovians on site to duel me, and I emerged victorious among all of the duels. Then the server was shutdown, and Vaktus had entered the server. I had asked the other Vaktovians to ask Vaktus if I could duel him. A few updates later, he replied with a yes. Then, I met him at his palace, proceeded to duel ~40-50 times, although I had more victories.
The following day we met again for more battles, as he wanted to learn how I was able to best him, and I asked him if I could join Vaktovia, and a few moments later I was in. Not even a week later I was at the rank of Lieutenant, and thanks to General Metrac, I was able to become a captain for a long time.