SamuelVaiken's Level 3 look.

SamuelVaiken now known as Anxiolestial is currently a Level 2 VAC in the Vaktovian Army Corps. His Vaktovian name is Abelon Alcatraz. He first joined the Vaktovian Pre-Corps in July 2015, and then joined the Vaktovian Entrance Program once the Pre-Corps was shutdown. He had many failures, such as failing his Interview a lot, but as he practiced, he progressed into a better fighter with some help. He is currently in the Alcatraz Family as a Family Initiate. When he joins the Empire and becomes a Corporal, he wishes to join the Vaktovian Medical Division. It is probably one of his favorite divisions. In July 2016, he got ranked back to Level 2 and got out of Revising. His idols are Karol2522 and General AnakinSkywalker221s.