Rocky55119 Edit

Rocky55119 is as of (7/15/15) a Stage 5 VACCINE.


Rocky55119 in his Stage 4 VACCINE uniform.

Rocky55119 is an individual who dwells within the Vaktovian Ascension Core. He originally joined The Vaktovian Army Corps in mid-2012 and became inactive a few months later. He came back to playing the game May 20th, 2014 and became a high rank in Vortex Security, this did not amuse him, however. Vortex Security was very corrupt at the time and he didn't enjoy the bullying and harrasment within their ranks. He set off to join what he used to be apart of and breeded to become: a true Vaktovian.

Rocky55119 enjoys gun-fighting more than swordfighting--but works to become proficient in both.