RockNova's Stage 5 Appearance.


RockNova, also known as Sydomahr, is currently a Stage 5 VACCINE in the Vaktovian Ascension Core. He was accepted on the 15th of March, 2015; He ascended to Stage 2 two days later, on the 17th, to Stage 3 on the 28th, to Stage 4 on the 22nd of April, and finally to Stage 5 on the 11th of May.


He favors the sword above all else, as he has been practicing his swordplay for around 4 years. He always listens carefully to those who are speaking, follows orders swiftly and effectively, and respects everyone equally. He values friendship overall, and sees ascending through the ranks as only a portion of his happiness in Vaktovia; To him, real enjoyment comes from serving Vaktovia and the privileges of which that brings, as well as helping out any who request it as much as he possibly can. He is known for his determination, and his unwillingness to give up during anything; Be it raids, trainings, defences, etc... His spirit always remains unbroken.

He also tries to be as honor-bound as possible, abiding by his own Warrior Code that forbids dishonorable actions such as AFK killing, cheating, disrespecting any opponents, fallen or no, and killing any who are not ready or are unarmed, along with killing his comrades. He only ever breaks these codes either on accident, or if he has no other choice (Such as an officer ordering him to do so more than once).


RockNova currently has but two goals: Become a member of the honored Madrek family, and to become recognized as one of the best and most honorable swordfighters in Vaktovia. To most, these goals may seem unattainable. But to RockNova, anything is possible, and he will never give up until he has met his goals.