Ex Colonel RedDrgon739.

He joined Roblox 30th January 2009.

RedDrgon is known for his fighting skills, he was a true warrior. He would never run away from the enemy, instead, he was running towards the enemy. He was a great officer. Sadly, he was honourably discharged from the Empire after he joined the Canadian Army (Not the Roblox group, the real army). He achieved rank Sergeant and now he isn't leading some virtual soldiers into a fight, he's leading real soldiers into a fight. He has multiple tours in Afghanistan.

He achieved the Medal of Honor in Vaktovia, for fighting like a true warrior.

The second achievement was the Medal of Skill, awarded for his great fighting skills against the enemy in the battlefield.

He was the right hand man of Supreme General (Currently Senior Colonel) Dologan Madrek and was one of the Elite's in his guards.