Also known as RV1, Wolverinex, or Sylaine, is currently a Colonel. His name is Mortem Interfectorem Sylaine.

Vaktovian History~

He was a Roblox Assault Team War Marshal when he first began to gain interest in joining VAC, after a series of events.

"Since the war things were still rustic between the Team and the Empire, so I was being accepted then exiled left and right."

After a short time, he made the choice to have himself demoted in RAT, down to Supervisor. So impressed by this and ideals of persistence, Supreme General Dologan Madrek accepted him into the Vaktovian Army Corps as a Level 2. Despite this fact, he insisted his honor was sacred, and he wanted to begin at Level 1.

Upon passing the Army Corps, he was a Private for a while, before being promoted to Private First Class. Working vigorously to become a mentor of the new Vaktovian Ascension Core (despite not being of proper rank), he finally achieved his goal. However, a sudden change of heart seemed to have fallen within a week of Mentorship. He had himself placed at Stage 1 in the new Vaktovian Ascension Core. Before eventually graduating and returning to the Empire.

As Colonel, he founded the Sylaine family in the year 2015.

The past~

He is also revered for becoming the rank of Sparrow Admiral in the Roblox Assault Team in the years 2012-2013. Then later becoming a Commissar within The Grand Imperium after just two weeks of activity.  As well as riding along as the Second In Command of Haven for many cycles of leaders, before finally devoting himself souly to Vaktovia.

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  • "Inspire in others the greatness that you seek for yourself."
  • "I know I'm going to win, because I am not going to lose."
  • "History is written by the survivors."
  • "Expect to fail, and hope to succeed. That is the only way to be sure."