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∞ General ProEvil123 


Aliases "Mortez Myani"
Birthplace Vaktovia
Age ???
Affiliations The Vaktovian Empire
Species ???
Occupation Defense
Abilities Skilled in Combat, Defense, Leading
Unique Trait



Goal To achieve the best of the best, to become a better leader.
Weapon  ???
Vehicle  ???
Join date 12 Dec 2010
Rank General

Mortez Myani, more commonly known as ProEvil123, is currently a Senior Colonel, and was a Vaktovian General for a long period. He was promoted to General along with a few other select colonels, but after extensive activity, chose to be demoted to Senior Colonel on August 3rd. He owns and runs the Vaktovian Arctic Division and is also the father of The Myani Family. He has resigned.

General Mortez sometimes comes on and visits the Vaktovian Recruitment Centre II from time to time.

Here is his ROBLOX profile:


"Serve Vaktovia, not it's ranks, not uniforms."